How can I install this app?

Like rest of the Android app you install in your phone. Go to Google Play Store and serch for "Appilary RADAR". Install the app. Simple !!

What about the Login Details?

Each user has a unique login ID and password. Each user is linked to specific project he is working on and he has access to that project's app only.

This app is not working?

Although it shouldn't be the case however if in case a user is facing issue in terms of either loggin in or somewhere in the app, call on dedicated support number.

How can I get more Logins?

Drop email to from your official email ID and mention details of about project, required teams and related info. That's it.

Which phone I need to use this app?

Literally ANY Android phone user has bought in last 3-4 years (Android 5 and above). You don't need to buy any specific phone. Will work on your existing phone.

Can it work on iPhone?

Not as of now. This app is targetted towards field teams and 99% of them use Android phones. Portal for management work on any device

How much does it cost?

Extremely low cost. License fee @20/user per Day. Here user means the people using mobile app. Portal users are free and no limit for such users.

What about charges for non-working Days?

You pay only for days app is used by field teams. No use, no charge.
Absoluetly transparent billing. You have full visibility to usage.

What about discounts?

Everyone loves that. Discounting pricing available for large number of users and longer duration projects.
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