AI/ML based Trade Marketing App

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Trade Marketing Automation app is used for
Real-time data
100% Authentic images
Geo tagged Trade Marketing info
from the ground. By clicking just image and you get all info about your branding compliance, product availability, competition tracking, SOV/SOS at a retail outlet. You get information related to planogram vaild sequence, product qty and other crucial information related to trade marketing. You get 100% ROI on your Trade Marketing spends by ensuring compliance.

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Key Features

Geo Tagging

Every data that you submit from Trade Marketing app is geo-tagged. So, you have better control on your Trade Marketing team on ground. All of your Trade Marketing photos are also temper proof and geo-tagged.

AI based Image

Field team just need to click store photo and they get "real-time" AI results in app so that they can fix thing instantly. Super quick AI results translate to Best possible Trade Marketing installation.

AI/ML Results

With just photo, you know about Product Qty on shelf, Planogram Adherence, competition tracking, Out of Stock details etc. You get almost all Trade Marketing insights via one photo only.

Take control of your Trade Marketing teams - AI TradeM

While it is extremely difficult to manage the retail installation activity at a large scale, mismanagement of it has severe impact not only financially but also losing business to competition because of poor branding at store or POS. With our Artificial Intelligence based Trade Marketing app based solution, not only you get the real-time info on the status of the branding but even field team gets real-time info on the quality of the installation and they can do the correction while they are at store itself.

AI based solution tells you real-time status on Planogram, Stock, Out of stock and quantiy of the POSM installed. All with just a photo.

Built In Powerful Features you Can't Miss

Artificial Intelligence powered Trade Marketing Execution helps brands to ensure that brand execution is absolutely in line with brand guidelines and compliance is followed. With just click of a picture, AI tells you what's right and what's wrong so that erros can be fixed immediately.
Not only this, AI can can also tell you things about competition.

  • Quick
  • Super
  • Object
  • Precise

Key Benefits

AI/ML based retail merchandising or Trade Marketing Execution is not any hypothetical fancy stuff. It gives you tangible, measurable benefits to your company that you can see yourself.

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